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About Process Engineering Company

Our Company

Process Engineering Company was founded in 1961 by Loren C. Smith and is incorporated in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. J. Dale Smith joined the organization in 1967, and became President in 1988 after purchasing all outstanding stock. Ellen M. Smith joined the company in 1972, and became Vice President of Operations in 1995. Our internal investments in facilities, equipment, and personnel provides a platform for long term consistent growth, continuous service, and dedication to both our customers and principals. Moving beyond the 50 year benchmark we are strategically adding younger people who will bring additional depth and dimension to our abilities. This ongoing action has already had a very positive impact. Third generation stockholders are now involved with one of them, Kenneth Smith, taking on more of the management functions as well as being Vice President of Sales. This positions us to move forward with renewed strength into the future.

Our People

By providing a working environment for our people that is both congenial and conducive to sound business practices, Process Engineering's workforce averages over twenty-eight (28) years of service. With a diversity of backgrounds, each member of the staff provides specific talent and experience including instrumentation, start up and electrical service, mill and utility operations, purchasing and marketing. The younger people joining us have in depth computer skills as well as practical plant floor knowledge.

Our Products and Services

We are most proud of the fact that for the last twenty (20) years we have surpassed each previous year's sales volume. We attribute this to two main factors. First, maintaining an effective, stable work force of individuals who pride themselves on having both strong product knowledge and excellent customer rapport. Second, having product lines that are complimentary without being competitive with each other. We've had the majority of our lines for more than twenty-five (25) years, with several of our lines dating back to when our firm was established in 1961.

Our Territories

We cover the western half of Pennsylvania, the state of West Virginia, eastern border counties of Ohio, and the counties of Allegany and Garrett in Maryland.

Our Philosophy

We choose our product lines wisely, and provide the best possible technical support for our customers. Our goal is to maintain a conservative and steady growth rate without jeopardizing our traditional service and dedication to customer and principal. Today the rapidly changing face of our economy is dictating significant changes to methods of doing business. The downturns, however, reinforce our position that face-to-face sales calls are, by far, the most rewarding for ourselves and our customers.

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